Our Mission


Becoming and making disciples of Jesus who embody and extend the Kingdom of God.

(Matthew 28:18-20)

Our Values


God’s Word

The Bible has authority in our lives.
The Story that “writes” us
actually “rights” us.


The Father’s Love

Our Father names us in love, so our identity is a gift we receive.
Our vocation flows out of
our identity as children in
the image of our heavenly Father.


Following Jesus

We point people to Jesus by announcing the gospel–the good news of his life, death,
resurrection, and exaltation.
We spend time with Jesus
so we can learn from Jesus
how to live like Jesus.


Christ-like Character

The way of love leads us into
the lives of others
who are different than we are.
The way of the cross leads us to deny our own comfort, ease, and safety for the sake of others.


The Local Church

We live life together as a family.
It’s more “we” than “me.”


God’s Presence Among Us

We partner with the Holy Spirit.
We tell stories and have experiences that only
make sense if God is real.


The Kingdom of God

Jesus freely invites all people
into His Kingdom.
We all “get to” live lives of peace and purpose that lead us into
His present Kingdom.

Our History

In 1984 The Evangelical Free Church of Sycamore/DeKalb began with a meeting of like-minded individuals who had approached the denomination requesting the presence of a Free Church in our community. This core group became a Bible study/prayer group and within five months offered public worship services meeting at the Sycamore Community Center. In 1985 Pastor Bradley Reardon of Trinity Divinity School became our first pastor. With growth came relocation and in 1989 the DeKalb Park District became our next worship facility until 1998 when the current building became our own home.
From its beginning our church has been a welcoming home to people of all age groups. There has always been an emphasis on clear, true and relevant Biblical teaching from the pulpit and throughout our Sunday school programs. We have a long history of close, committed, core families and friendships. Our attendees value long, trusting relationships with each other. Our church is “like a caring family,” and many members and attendees have thought of our church as “home” for a long time. From the earliest days of the church there has also been provision for missionary giving, corporate benevolence and outreach to NIU and the people of DeKalb County.
In 2015 the Evangelical Free Church of Sycamore/DeKalb changed its name to Crossview, however, its head and heart and hands and feet remain the same.
We have been blessed by gracious stability and continuity as evidenced by the long tenure of our staff, most notably Pastor Reardon who retired in 2012 after 27 years of serving us. And now, because of God’s faithfulness, we look forward to this next season of serving God in DeKalb County and beyond.