Adult Bible Study Classes

Fall 2018 (Classes begin: Sept. 16)




Bible Pathways: 1 Thessalonians
Fellowship 2 & 3
Keith & Cindy Doering
A study of the life and ministry of Jesus through the pen of John Mark, who was not a disciple but wrote to the Romans to share Jesus to the gentile world. Full of immediacy and action, this spring will focus upon the final days of Jesus’ earthly ministry from Mark’s unique perspective.
Stories of Forgiveness
Room 6
Kami Knitt & Georgia Neal
Join us during the Sunday School hour for an informal discussion time in a safe space centered around our fall sermon series on forgiveness. We will begin each week by hearing from someone in our church family share his or her journey and experience of forgiveness. Following the testimony, we will have open discussion centered around the previous week’s sermon.
Sharpen: College & Post-High School Young Adults Bible Study – Acts of the Apostles Fellowship 4
Eric & Jody Kampmeier Nate & Julie Kloster
College students and post-high school Young Adults: please join us for an interactive Bible study and time of fellowship. You’re always welcome to bring a friend – there’s no preparation needed.
Women’s Class Fellowship 1
Cathy Jerousek
Join the Women’s Sunday School class this September for an 8-week, in-depth study of Spiritual Gifts, following Chip Ingram’s video series through Roman’s, Ephesians, and 1st Corinthians. This class is designed to help each woman discover her unique, God-given spiritual gifts and how each one has been strategically created to play a crucial role in the body of Christ. If you have been looking for an opportunity for a journey of spiritual self-discovery and an avenue for making an impact in your local community for Christ, you won’t want to miss this study.
Student & Family Sunday School Special Combo
Room 5
Part 1 [Sept. 16 – Oct. 7] Facilitators: Kyle & Barb White
Part 2 [Starts Oct. 14] Facilitators: Terry & Paul Gin, Josh & Tracy Minnihan
“Kingdom Responses to Fear & Anxiety in a Worrisome World” For MS & HS students and adults: Where is Jesus in our anxiety and worry? Where can we find strength and peace? How can we pray for each other?
“How to Build a Strong Family Life” Raising kids is tough … but God has a plan. Together we will explore how to parent our children with godly principles that help them navigate our current culture.