Adult Bible Study Classes

Spring 2018 (Kick-off: Jan. 7; Classes begin: Jan. 14)




The Gospel of Mark
Room: Fellowship 1 & 2
Keith Doering
A study of the life and ministry of Jesus through the pen of John Mark, who was not a disciple but wrote to the Romans to share Jesus to the gentile world. Full of immediacy and action, this spring will focus upon the final days of Jesus’ earthly ministry from Mark’s unique perspective.
Minor Prophets
Fellowship 3
Brian Hart
Minor only with regard to their size, the Minor Prophets provide a very rich body of literature about God’s relation to and love for His people, His expectations for lives of righteousness and justice, and His promise of a redeemer. Except for Obadiah, every Minor Prophet is quoted in the New Testament. We will examine four prophets from various times of their ministry: Hosea and Micah (to the Kingdom of Israel), Zephaniah (to the Kingdom of Judah), and Haggai (after the return from exile).
Sharpen: College & Young Adults
Bible Study – Genesis
Room: Fellowship 4
Eric Kampmeier
& Sharpen Ministry Team
College students and post-high school Young Adults: please join us for an interactive Bible study and time of fellowship. We will continue our current study of Genesis through January and expect to wrap that up in early Feb. We will then continue on with a study of Exodus. You’re always welcome to bring a friend – there’s no preparation needed.
Women’s Class
Acts … believing Jesus
Room 5
Debi Frankovich
Are you willing to risk everything…”believing Jesus” a journey through the book of ACTS. Lisa Harper video based study.